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DaeHan is a korea company that has been in textile business for more than 30years, we are one of the biggiest supplier all kinds of lining sucs as poly twill, poly taffeta, mechnical stretch, bright satin stretch, poly dobby stretch, poly customized jacquard, poly viscose rayon dobby as well as tricot brushed, micro tricot and lighter weight fabrics for outdoor market. Head office is mainly located in seoul and weaving factory is in Jeolla province The sales stores around seoul are well-positioned to provided on-time deliverily and services to domestic and world customers.
DaeHan promise and stock
Company is never about setting a limit on the quantity on the market. Being always about to place our customer's interest is our foremost priority. Whatever the quantity maybe, we have it ready for you. Our customers will be guaranted to get their best from Dae Han Fabric where each item has diversified in colors and have enough supplies all the time for our customers no matter how little or large the volume maybe. Currently we provide a minimum 50 million mts a year of supplies so that our customers don't have to settle for second best. In addition, we provide our customers with booklet for free of charge Feel it, see it, for yourselves, The choice is in the fingertips we are here you wherever, whatever quantity, This is our promise to you.
Sustainability system
Climate change and global warming have been major risks, increasingly affecting our environment. Daehan fabric , as a global lining manufacturer, we have established the environmental management System to reduce environmental risk through the reduction of energy and water use. In addition, we established a transparent management system by participating In global sustainability project such as the "GRS" certificate
Address 2F, daehan building 28, Yulgok-ro 22-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
zip 110-845
Tel(direct) +82-2-762-6908
在本社包括了300多品种,30,000,000YD 颜色和胚布库存。库存是可以随时出口。
本社是三星第一毛织,乐金时装,KOLON 等国内优秀品牌进行了合作。
本社 首尔市钟路区栗谷路22路28号(忠信洞,大韩大厦2楼) / 电话:82-2-762-6908
东大门卖场 首尔市钟路6街东大门综合市场D洞地下96号
广场卖场 首尔市钟路区清溪川路191(大同大厦1楼) 
第一工厂 全罗北道淳昌郡丰山面丰山农工街24 
第二工厂 全罗北道淳昌郡丰山面丰山农工街94-34  
BASIC 里布 塔夫绸,斜纹,色丁,雪纺 等
高密度里布 涤纶290T,涤纶360T,涤纶420T,尼龙400T 春亚纺 30D,50D,75D 等
ETC 可回收里布,多臂 & 提花, 袋子里布。
第一工厂 纺织机器:100台
第二工厂 电子多臂机器: 50台 / 提花机器(AIR, WATER): 50台