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Greetings! I am Seo Han-jib, CEO of Daehan Fabric. We give a hearty welcome to every one of you who have shown love and support to us.

Daehan Fabric was founded in 2006 and has grown into a company that specializes in lining fabrics, maintaining about 300 items in 30 million yards in its inventory for sale. Thus, the company gains in recognition at home and abroad.
As it has created the point of sale system with ERP for companywide resource management, the company has established QRS(Quick Response System) that ensure same-day shipment for small-volume orders and production and delivery within a week for bulk orders.

Daehan Fabric operates Weaving Plant 1, Weaving Plant 2, and Logistics Center in Sunchang, Jeollabuk-do. As the company owns the country's largest number of jacquard machines, it has achieved remarkable growth in uniforms and jacquard fabrics for bags. Thus, the company can complete design development and sample provision within 10 days with a view to supplying goods.

Instead of settling for its growth so far, Daehan Fabric prepares for a new future through change and innovation.
Our company is being reborn as a major innovative company through developing new eco-friendly products that heighten sustainability with a view to adjusting to globalization that carries endless change, developing efficient work process, implementing lifelong education that serves as the basis for the company's growth and the executives' improvement, and carrying out a paradigm shift to a customer-oriented practice.

but not the least, I wish you and your family Great Health and Good Luck as always and hope that you will achieve what you want.
Thank you.
Seo Han-jib
Daehan Fabric