Greige fabric is woven through design work, selection of yarns, and other basic processes.
As the basic operation to make whole cloth, weaving refers to the manufacturing of whole cloth prior to dyeing. The production of whole cloth is divided into several stages depending on how it is designed. Weaving preparation requires drawing, sizing, and warping. Weaving machines are selected according for plain weave, twill weave Dobby or jacquard, and a loom can produce about 200 to 500 yards. Therefore, whole cloth must be available in stock.
Daehan Fabric owns about 10 million yards of greige fabric, whose stable supply is ensured by an optimum inventory guaranteed by ERP.
The error-free warping line and automatic arrangement system
Category Shuttle loom Water -jet Air-jet Jacquard
Characteristics of Weaving Sleek selvedge part Suitable for polyester materials Suitable for natural textiles Weaving
various patterns
Type of
N/V Tafetta Satin Tafetta Twill Dobby pattern fabrics Various stripes Viscose Rayon Bemberg Paisley, unique logo
and customized
pattern etc.